Doherty Associates, Inc. - Your Industrial Manufacturer's Representative

We provide invaluable experience & market connections, as well as a professional sales team that is results-driven and time tested.

Doherty Associates

Since our establishment in 1988, Doherty Associates, Inc. has evolved from industrial manufacturers representatives into an industry standard for connecting clientele with its target market.

Operating in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Northern Mexico, we provide viable marketing options for Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.s) across various industries, including industrial, oil & gas, pump & valve, aerospace, medical, military, and so much more.

Through over 30 years of working with manufacturers, Doherty Associates, Inc. has developed and maintained a reputation in markets that are highly valuable to its clients.

We focus on building lasting relationships for our clientele while also providing quality services and solutions for their customers.

Throughout our O.E.M. success building process, we continuously work towards strengthening invaluable business connections, by-way-of clear communication practices, and superior service.


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How We Define, Secure, & Grow Your Place in Today's Market

Cultivating a Loyal Customer Base

One of the significant perks of partnering with experienced industrial manufacturer representatives is that your company immediately gains a highly motivated team of marketing, sales, and customer service professionals at no additional overhead costs.

Our sales teams are comprised of only the very best, allowing you to rest easy, knowing that our marketing personnel is thoroughly trained on your products and dedicated to your success.

Through our outstanding customer service and sales-driving practices, building a loyal customer base for your manufacturing business is a large part of what we do.

Driving Up Sales & Closing Significant Deals

Through our pre-existing relationships within your target market, we already have a foot in the door for your business to increase sales and gain impactful momentum.

At Doherty Associates, we offer much more than sharing our many years of market relationships and reputation.

Our sales teams actively attend trade shows and set up professional marketing booths (on your behalf) to create a name for your business, reach new customers, and increase your incoming revenue.

We have strategically built a successful business that is solely reliant on the success of our clientele by providing reliable marketing connections and making impactful sales.

Building Business Relationships that Stimulate Growth & Continuity

When we take your manufacturing business to market, we completely understand what your company needs in order to obtain growth and develop recurring profit.

With this success-critical understanding, our team will actively search for new and improved ways to bring your company viable business relationships that not only last but stimulate the growth and continuity of your manufacturing organization.

As a company that works only on commission, you can rest assured that our drive to make your business incredibly successful is just as strong as yours.

Through many years of connecting clients with their target market and turning manufacturers into wildly successful businesses, we have what it takes to make you our next success story!

Doherty Associates, Inc. is honored to represent a number of major manufacturers from a variety of industries throughout our marketplace including:

  • Bailey-Parks Urethane, Inc.- Custom Urethane Molding
  • Dal-Air Investment Castings- Texas Based Investment Castings
  • FS-Precision Tech- U.S. and Taiwan Based Manufacturing
  • Metallized Carbon- Carbon Graphite Products
  • Optimas Manufacturing Solutions- U.S. Based Headquarters and Chinese Based Manufacturing
  • Seaway Plastics Engineering- Prototype to Low-Volume Injection Molding
  • Swiss-Tech L.L.C.- Precision Swiss Screw Machine Work
  • West Point Industries- Grey & Ductile Iron Castings
  • Hill Plastics - Thermoforming & Fabrication
  • HPL Stampings, Inc. - Short Run Stampings

Our Corporate Office is in Houston, TX with our Sales Representation in Austin, TX.