Military Manufacturer's Representative

When seeking clients for custom military products, you can benefit from the services of military manufacturer representatives like Doherty Associates, Inc.

You create exceptional military product lines with care, quality, and attention to detail, but now you need to tackle the sales and marketing aspects of your business.

No matter how wonderful the product is, selling it can be difficult without the right market connections.

As a military sales and service broker with over 30 years of experience, Doherty Associates, Inc., has the connections and expertise necessary to help manufacturers servicing the military get their foot in the door and grow their sales exponentially.

Why Military Manufacturers Need a Sales Representative

Going through an experienced manufacturers’ representative is a proven strategy to reach your target client base and excel. With our sales and marketing services, we can help you place your products in military base exchanges across the nation.

We’ve already built military relationships that take decades to establish, which offers you the powerful connections needed to set your brand up for success now.


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In addition to significantly increasing your military sales opportunities, we promote your products so that your business can continue to scale while you focus on manufacturing. Our teams regularly attend trade shows and other events to spread awareness about your mission, your brand, and your products.

As a result, our widely reaching market connections and experience can rapidly fuel your sales in a reliable and more sustainable manner than any manufacturer can achieve on their own.

Advantages of Hiring Experienced Military Manufacturer Representatives

  • Immediate Market Access

    Because we already have access to your target market—the U.S. Military—partnering with our team of representatives instantly gives you that same access, allowing you to piggyback off of the reputation we’ve spent decades establishing.

  • New Market Opportunities

    Partnering with our military manufacturer representatives puts you at the forefront of the military products industry. As a result, whenever clients outside of your typical base discover a need for military products, they’ll turn to us—thereby you—first, giving you an easy way to test other markets for sales potential.

  • Military Manufacturer Representatives
  • Increased Sales

    You’re probably considering partnering with a manufacturers’ representative because you want to grow your sales, and that’s the right idea. As commission-only representatives, we make money when you make money, so of course, we do everything in our power to make sure you succeed. With our experienced sales team at the helm, we know how to prioritize growth and open new doors for your business.

  • No Overhead Costs

    As mentioned, we only make a profit when you do. As a manufacturers’ representative, we earn money through commissions rather than regular fees, leaving you with considerable profit and the freedom to keep your focus in-house.

  • Free Consulting Services

    At Doherty Associates, Inc., we understand the ins and outs of the military market, allowing us to offer you expert guidance at every turn. We have what it takes to meet your goals, and we are eager to share our advice and experience with you whenever needed to help you make the best decisions for your business.

  • Client Satisfaction Management

    When you partner with our military manufacturers’ representative, you gain an experienced, professional customer service team capable of handling all of your clients’ concerns. Instead of spending valuable time and resources answering calls 24/7, you can focus fully on your manufacturing operations while we focus on keeping your customers happy.

Why Choose Doherty Associates, Inc., to Represent Your Military Manufacturing Sales

Since 1988, we’ve proudly represented manufacturers across a wide variety of industries, including military manufacturing. Our expert team of sales representatives has developed an unmatched reputation over the years, which has enabled us to foster relationships in military sectors all over the country. These strong relationships allow us to connect you to desirable clients and build your success.

Throughout our thorough representation process, we always put our clients first. Our sales team is dedicated to answering all of your questions and, ultimately, helping you get to your desired customer base. Our superior sales rep and marketing services guarantee your success.

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