Titanium Investment Casting - Custom Manufactured Parts

We are the leader in structural investment castings for rotary-wing, fixed-wing, manned, and unmanned aircraft & critical space launch/defense systems.

We have the ability to produce casted titanium parts for aerospace, oil & gas, defense, and heavy equipment technology leaders around the world. In a dominated industry, we are the most responsive and collaborative titanium casting supplier for aerospace as well as defense industries.

We are actually one of the last independent titanium companies and are certified by AS9100D and Nadcap, as well as registered for defense and military castings production by ITAR.

Titanium Investment Casting Manufacturing

What is Titanium and Why is it Important?

Titanium is an element that consists of low density and strong integrity.

Titanium is a durable, lustrous, and corrosion-resistant transition metal.

It’s corrosion-resistance and the fact that it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal makes it a vital material for a variety of industries in need of casting components.

Titanium can be just as strong as some steel materials while up to 45% lighter at the same time. Although much lighter than normal steel, titanium is heavier than aluminum and twice as strong.

This metal doesn’t actually start to lose its strength until it reaches high levels somewhere around 430 degrees Celsius, which makes this material or its alloy perfect for aerospace components. Titanium is also a very hard material and it has been proven to be difficult to change its shape.

Because of its strength and corrosion-resistance, it can also be used to plate naval ships, aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and even armor.

Another key factor is that titanium is non-toxic, even in large amounts to the human body; Because of this, the medical industry is able to use titanium to repair broken bones and much more. Titanium provides today’s world with many highly valuable and critical industrial uses.

What is Titanium Investment Casting?

Liquid titanium slag being poured

Titanium Investment Casting is a manufacturing process that involves the production of specialized components through metallic (in our case titanium) replications of wax molds. This process results in a product with a sleek finish that requires very little post-process finishing.

This casting technique is used to create complex/detailed parts and shapes for industrial use.

When customers choose to request investment casted parts, it is typically because titanium investment casting produces products with extremely smooth finishes.

With investment casting, manufacturers can create virtually any metal product they desire and castings can be done by hand in small batches or can be semi-automated to produce hundreds of parts at once.

What Markets Can Benefit from Titanium Investment Casting?

There are many different industries that benefit from our high-quality Titanium Investment Casting solutions, some of which include-

    • Aerospace

      Jet engine fans and compressor blades, airframe structures, and engine nacelles

    • Military Defense

      Airborne Weaponry, missile components, & Firearms

    • Medical

      Surgical implants such as- spine, knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle components, surgical tools/machinery; dental equipment

    • Automotive

      Turbine wheels, valves, turbocharger compressor wheels, exhaust components

Custom Titanium Investment Casting

  • Power Tools & Hand Tools

    Hammer Drill components, Pry Bars, hammers, and other construction tools

  • Consumer Goods

    Bicycles, laptop/cell phone chassis’, tennis rackets, and golf clubs

  • Marine & Seawater Applications

    Undersea surveillance devices, saltwater heat exchangers, propeller shafts, oil exploration, seismic mapping, oil/gas recovery

  • Chemical Processing

    Petrochemical processing of- Halides, Oxidizing Chlorides, Pure Terephthalic Acid, Hydrobromic Acid, Sulfuric Acid, and Phosphoric Acid

Why Choose Doherty Associates, Inc. for Your Titanium Investment Casting?

With our advanced titanium investment casting abilities, our clients are able to achieve mission-critical structural challenges with confidence.

We work very closely with all of our customers to produce quality components that meet optimal titanium alloy specifications. This close working relationship also allows us to maintain our on-time delivery rate so that your crucial applications aren’t delayed.

Our corporate tooling center is based in Taipei, Taiwan, which means our lead times are extremely fast and tooling costs are typically 30-40% lower than US tool making options. With our high-quality certifications and six sigma process control, we offer the best casting solutions available.

Contact Doherty Associates today, we have the resources to meet and exceed all of your titanium investment casting needs.

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