Grey & Ductile Iron Castings & Fabrication

At Doherty Associates, Inc., our client can help your manufacturing process meet its full potential in every way possible.

As the top supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers, they provide customers with a single source for all of their unique manufacturing needs.

When utilizing our services, there is no need to mix and match a multitude of vendors for foundry services, fabrication, or even machining and assembly. Being that we are a single-source supplier, you can trust that all of your manufacturing needs can be met with one phone call.

Contract manufacturing customers are provided with everything they need- from “rough castings” all the way to your final product’s assembly process. Due to many years of experience as a machinery manufacturer, our team has the depth of knowledge and skill necessary to provide customers with a wide range of contract manufacturing services.


Our iron castings and fabrication manufacturer specializes in low volume parts. With green sand molds, our foundry creates ductile iron and cast iron parts that range in size from 10 to 2000 pounds. With four types of molding stations, they have the ability to produce castings of various production runs and sizes for customers.

Foundry workers

Our foundry is capable of producing approximately 100,000 pounds of iron each week consisting of these Standard Classes of Metals:

  • Gray Iron Class 25
  • Gray Iron Class 30
  • Gray Iron Class 35
  • Gray Iron Class 40
  • Ductile Iron Class 65-45-12
  • Ductile Iron Class 80-55-06

-Note that Various Alloys can be added to each Standard Class of Metal.

Standard Flask Sizes

At Doherty Associates, Inc., the manufacturer we represent offers in-house wood pattern creation and pattern warehousing. Our mold core manufacturing abilities include shell core, oil sand, and airset workstations. Through rigorous inspections of our metals and sand properties, our quality, as well as our consistency, is always maintained.


With a 48,000 square foot top-of-the-line fabrication shop, our manufacturer has the ability to build weldments up to 15,000 pounds (7.5 tons). All of our welders have undergone prestigious training and are certified through the American Welding Society.

Our welding abilities include TIG, MIG, and STICK welding techniques and all of our welders are qualified in both carbon and stainless steel, as well as many aluminum applications.


Profesional welder
  • AWS Certified Welders
  • Structural Metal Fabrication up to 6000 lbs.
  • Machining for Large Weldments
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum)
  • Certified ASWT Level II Weld Inspections

American Welding Society Certifications

  • AWS B2.1-1-235:2006 (Structural Steel)
  • AWS B2.1-1-235:2006 (Structural Steel up to 3” thick)
  • AWS D14.1 (Structural Steel for -45 degrees C)
  • AWS D31.3 (Pressurized Welded Pipe)


Utilizing our manufacturers' new CNC Milling machines, CNC Lathes, and a workforce with an average of more than 20 years machining experience, you can rest assured that our manufacturer is more than capable of meeting your delivery and quality specification needs, along with exceeding your expectations.

The quality of each of our parts is guaranteed through a documented quality assurance program, which includes the first part, in-process, and final inspection. Final inspection is completed by using a Computerized Coordinate Measuring Machine and a variety of certified inspection tools.


  • Horizontal CNC Lathes up to 28.5” diameter
  • Vertical CNC Lathes up to 70” diameter
  • 4-axis CNC Milling up to 1600m3 CMM Inspection


Pristine assembly services are what set our manufactuer apart from all other contract manufacturers.

With over 100 years of experience in assembling patented lines of engineered products, you can count on quality and professionalism. With that, our manufacturers' highly skilled mechanics, as well as our electricians, utilize our company’s extensive manufacturing experience and capabilities to the fullest to produce detail-oriented and quality-focused assembly services.

Our manufacturer offers expert experience in all types of mechanical assemblies, including pneumatic and hydraulic. Our manufactures' electricians are more than capable of wiring all switches and controls for your assemblies, building Process Control Panels, and handling wiring for all kinds of drive systems.

Lifting Devices

Our team has the ability to develop customized Below the Hook Lifting Devices for multiple applications.

The Below the Hook Lifting Devices are designed by our certified Professional Engineering Staff for Standards:

  • ASME BTH-1-2014
  • ASME B30.20-2013
  • AWS D14.1/D14.1M:2005
  • OSHA Spec. 1926.251

All of our fabricators are certified for welding Below the Hook Devices that can be used in temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius. Our Hydraulic Test strand can certify lifting devices up to 140,000 pounds.

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