Swiss Machined Parts

State-of-the-art custom manufactured, precision CNC Swiss machined components for the worldwide use of medical technology, high-end industry sectors, and aerospace technology.

We uphold a very strong reputation for maintaining the highest standards possible when it comes to the variety of specialized Swiss machined parts we provide. We have direct access to low-volume, high precision parts that utilize top of the line materials such as-

5 Axis CNC Machine
  • Aircraft alloys
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Composites
  • Inconel
  • High-end plastics (i.e. Peed, Ultem)
  • And many other precious metals

CNC Swiss Machine

A Swiss-type lathe is a turning machine with the ability to feed stock through a guided bushing. This gives the OD turning tool the ability to always cut the stock near the bushing, which means it is always cut near the point of support no matter how long the workpiece. The machine then feeds the workpiece out of the spindle and past the tool as it travels. This makes the CNC Swiss-type extremely effective and ideal for long/slender turned parts.

We offer up to 27 different machines ranging from 32mm bar capacity with varying capabilities such as-

  • Full “C” axis
  • Live end working- Sub & main spindle
  • Sub spindle pickoff
  • Live cross tools, etc.
CNC milling machine in use

CNC Mill/Turn & Turning Machine

We offer 6 different specialized CNC Mill/Turn & Turning Machines that range up to 42mm bar capacity with 2 to 13 axis abilities including but not limited to full “Y” axis milling capabilities.

CNC Milling Machines

We can provide two different types of advanced CNC Milling machines with capabilities ranging anywhere from drilling and tapping to milling by using full 4th axis and pallet changing.

Cam Swiss Machines

Cam Swiss Machinery is an extremely advanced and unique machining technique used for the production of specialized precision screws. These machines are known for their ability to turn small components to the most rigorous and meticulous tolerances.

We offer up to 59 machines ranging to 20mm capacity with varying capabilities.

With an array of specialized attachments, these machines offer extraordinarily superior and cost-effective solutions for single-pointing all types of threads, picking up parts for slotting, back drilling, and milling.

Finish Machining & Deburring/Polishing

Swiss machined parts workshop

At Doherty Associates, we can provide you with completely specialized Swiss machinery capabilities for milling, thread rolling, tapping, broaching, wheel deburring, surface grinding, hand deburring and polishing, ultrasonic wash, standard tank wash, etc.

We offer the latest and most advanced technologies available in Swiss machining, inspection equipment, in-house passivation, CNC milling, etc. We guarantee that all of our Swiss machined parts are backed by ISO 9001:2008, AS9100 accreditations, and ITAR registration.

We have the quality you need. Contact Us today and discover what our highly equipped Swiss Machinery can do for your business.

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