Custom Urethane Products

We offer a large selection of custom urethane products manufactured by expert engineers.

Specialized urethane products can provide a wide variety of customizable application uses across multiple industries.

Our manufacturer's custom urethane products are built for longevity and strength, with the ability to withstand heavy wear and tear situations/abrasions.


Urethane hydrocyclones are most commonly used in oil and gas drilling applications.

Rugged hydrocyclones are used to separate sand and grit from expensive drilling mud which enables it to be reused. We offer multiple standard size hydrocyclones that will fit most drilling systems worldwide.

These specialized systems are also used in mining applications for the removal of particulate from materials like coal, gravel, and other various bulk aggregates. The hydrocyclones we offer have also been adapted for the use of mining silver, copper, gold, and other precious metals found in tailing ponds.

Hydrocyclones are excellent tools for the general use of separating solid materials from a liquid. As an example, pulp and paper mills use hydrocyclones to pre-treat the water drawn from nearby rivers by separating sand and other debris from the liquid. In addition, metalworking applications use hydrocyclone separators as well to remove particles from coolant.

Sand Viper (Frac Sand Transport System)

We offer a long-lasting polyurethane piping system known as the Sand Viper along with wear components silos.

The Sand Viper piping system was originally created to replace aluminum pipes on trailers that transport fracking sand.

This wear-resistant urethane lasts significantly longer than steel and aluminum in harsh conditions encountered in industries like oil, gas, and mining. The Sand Viper piping system is made up of specialized composite urethane with enhanced self-healing features optimized for the resistance of heavy abrasions caused by frac-sand.

The specialized components of the Sand Viper system can be customized to fit a wide variety of applications for caustic material transportation by way of waste management such as:

  • Coke
  • Tyconite
  • Wet or dry slurry
  • As well as almost any abrasive industries such as the Frac Sand Industry

Because the Sand Viper components are highly customizable, they can be used to build entire piping systems to fit almost any specifications.

If you are looking for advanced custom molded urethane products, we are sure to have what you need. Contact Us today with your application needs and we can provide you with a urethane solution tailored to your industry requirements and application specifications.

Precision Cast Polyurethane Sheeting

Precision Cast Polyurethane Sheeting is most commonly used as a liner for a variety of industries and custom applications, including but not limited to those that use conveyor applications to handle bulk materials, such as:

  • Gravel
  • Crushed Stone
  • Salt
  • Metal
  • Coal
  • etc.

Through our manufacturers, we can provide you with exactly what you need, customized to the specifications of your operating environment and application requirements.

Urethane Rollers & Wheels

We offer custom urethane roller and wheel recovery, which is the process of repairing heavily worn rollers and wheels with custom-fitted urethane coverings. Utilizing urethane roller and wheel recovery can solve the problem of worn components without costing you a fortune for complete replacement.

Custom-fitted urethane for rollers and wheels not only cost you less as a repair solution, but they also last longer than a full repair with the original materials in the first place.

These custom urethane recovering solutions can solve the problem of wear and tear for industrial wheels and rollers of almost any size and type. We can prep and repair supplied cores for extended durability and overall use.

Some examples of wheel recovery solutions we offer include:

  • Amusement Ride Wheels
  • Industrial Rollers/Wheels
  • Urethane Cast Rods
  • Urethane Cast Tubing
  • Conveyor Roller Recovery

As expert manufacturer representatives, Doherty Associates is more than equipped to handle all of your custom urethane roller and wheel needs. Whether you are looking for a manufacturer's representative or our manufactuer's custom urethane product services, we can help!