Sand Viper Product (Bailey Parks Urethane)

By: Ron D. Doherty Jr.


Frac-sand is a very abrasive material with millions of grains of sand being moved down hole and through different channels of piping and hoppers. Because fracking sand is so abrasive, the metal pipes wear out rather quickly. Causing a blow out of the pipe due to it wearing out. That’s where the Sand Viper Piping system comes in. The Poly Urethane that BPU uses is made with customized, high-durometer urethane, the Bailey-Parks Sand Viper piping system has been specially designed to stand up to the wear caused by frac-sand and lasts significantly longer than its aluminum counterparts.

One reason the Sand Viper product is superior is because of it being modular with various different configurations to hook up to the piping, camlocks or hoppers making it customizable.

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